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Surgical Services

Surgery is a common and very important service in veterinary practice. Over time Dr. Day has been fortunate to have developed a great degree of experience and expertise in the field of veterinary surgery, including the ability to provide surgical care other veterinarians might be likely to refer to a surgical specialist. We are dog and cat surgeons! In many cases we can help you!

It is important to note that Dr. Day is not a boarded surgical specialist; rather, he has years of practical experience and training that makes him comfortable in providing care to his patients where other vets might be less inclined to do so. Dr. Brown specializes in soft tissue and abdominal surgery.

If you need surgical care for your dog or cat, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If we can help, we will do our best for you, and if we do not feel your pet’s best interests are served here, we also would be happy to recommend someone who can help. We have a very advanced surgical suite including the latest anesthetic equipment, monitoring equipment, radio-surgical unit and more!

Below is a list of procedures we can and have performed: CLICK on any BOLD UNDERLINED item to learn more.

Routine: Spays (OHE, Ovariohysterectomy, Surgical Sterilization) Neuter (Castration) Declaw (cats, nail removal, claw removal), Tail dock (Tail Amputation) Dewclaw removal.

Reproductive, Non-Routine: Pyometra surgery (Infection of Uterus, Pyometrea, Uterine Infection, Stump pyometra, Metritis, Pus in Womb, Purulent Endometritis, Purulent Metritis, Pyometritis, Chronic cystic endometritis) Inguinal and Abdominal Cryptorchidism (Undescended testis, Absence of Testicles, Retained Testicles, Inguinal Cryptorchidism, Abdominal Cryptorchidism) Scrotal alblation (removal of the scrotal sac), C-section (Caesarean section, Cesarian section, Section, Surgical birthing, Cesarian).

Eye: Entropion surgery (Inversion of eyelid, Turning inward of eyelid, Eyelid rolls inward, Inrolled eyelid, Lateral entropion, Medial canthal entropion, Developmental entropion, Acquired Entropion) Ectropion surgery (Everted eyelid, Lower eyelid droop, Lower eyelid rolls out, Eyelid rolling out, Acquired ectropion) Corneal ulcer repair (Eye ulcer, Cornea ulcer, Ulcerative keratitis, Melting ulcer, Corneal abrasion, Keratitis, non-healing superficial corneal ulcers) Corneal wound repair (Cornea wound) Eyelid tumor removal (Eyelid tumor, Eye tumor, Eyelid gland tumor, Meibomian gland tumor removal) Cherry Eye Surgery ( Cherry eye removal, Cherry eye repair, Cherry eye tuck, Prolapsed third eyelid, Prolapsed gland of the third eyelid, Gland of the 3rd eyelid, Nicitating membrane, Prolapsed lacrimal gland, Prolapsed tear gland) and Enucleation of the eye (Eye removal, Removal of eyeball, Eyeball removal) Prolapsed eye (Proptosed eye or globe repair, Eye popped out, eye out of socket).

Ear: Aural Hematoma Repair (Hematoma, Swollen ear, Oral hematoma, Blood filled pocket in ear, Cauliflower ear, Perichondral hematoma, Auricular hematoma, Ear hematoma) Lateral ear resection (Zepp procedure surgery), Modified ear alblation (Ear canal removal surgery, ear canal alblation).

Oral Cavity: Cleft Lip Repair (Harelip, Palatoschisis, Congenital oronasal fistula) Cleft Palate RepairOronasal Fistula Repair (Oroantral fistula, ONF, Oral Nasal fistula surgery), Surgical Debark (Devocalization, Ventriculocordectomy, Surgical removal of vocal cords, Bark softening, Devoicing) Ranula repair (salivary gland surgery) Epulis Removal Surgery (Oral tumor surgery, gum boil removal, Oral mass surgery, Benign Tumor in Mouth, Epilide).

Endocrine: Thyroidectomy (Thyroid gland removal surgery), Parathyroidectomy (Surgical removal of parathyroid glands).

Abdominal: Simple or complex Foreign body removal (Intestinal foreign body, Gastric foreign body, Stomach foreign body, gastric obstruction, Intestinal obstruction, Gastrointestinal foreign body, Gastrotomy, Enterotomy, Intestinal perforation, Bowel obstruction, Linear foreign body, GI foreign body) Spleenectomy (Spleen removal, surgical removal of spleen, splenectomy) Cystotomy (Bladder stone surgery, Bladder Surgery, Urinary Bladder surgery), NephrectomyColectomy (cats), GDV (Gastric dilitation and volvulus, Bloat, Gastric torsion, Stomach torsion, Twisted stomach, Torsion bloat) Gastopexy (Stomach tacking, Prevent bloat, Prevent GDV, Pexy, Tummy tacking), Resection and anastamosis of intestines (R and A surgery, Intestinal resection and anastamosis), Intussuseption repair (Sliding of intestine within itself, Telescoping intestines, Intestinal telescoping, Intestinal invagination, Intestinal intussusception surgery).

Skin: All types of Tumor removals, wound repair, skin grafting, Mastectomy (Mammary gland removal, breast tissue removal surgery, Mammectomy, Breast tumor surgery, Mammary gland tumor, Breast cancer surgery, Mammary tumor, Radical mastectomy) Umbilical, inguinal and traumatic hernia repair (Hernia repair, groin hernia, buldge near groin, navel hernia surgery, belly button hernia, abdominal wall hernia) Anal sac removal (Anal sacculectomy, surgical removal of anal gland, anal gland removal surgery), Urethral prolapse repair (Prolapsed urethra, Prolapse of urethral mucosa), Feline perineal urethrostomy (Perineal urethrostomy, Urethral obstruction and perineal urethrostomy, Feline urethrostomy, PU, Blocked cat surgery, Sex change operation), Episioplasty (Vulvoplasty, Vulvar fold resection surgery), Urethrotomy (Incision into urethra, urethral obstruction, urethral stones).

Bone Joint: Cruciate stabilization (Extracapsular cruciate repair, ACL, ACL repair, Anterior cruciate ligament repair, CCL, CrCL, Torn knee ligament, Stifle injury) Patellar luxation (knee cap surgery, patella surgery, Patella dislocation, Luxated patella, Floating knee cap, Trick Knee, Subluxated patella, Slipped knee cap, Medial patellar luxation, MPL, Lateral patellar luxation, LPL) Femoral head osteotomy (FHO, femoral head and neck ostectomy, femoral head arthroplasty, femoral head excision) Basic fracture repair (Splinting, casting, broken leg repair), all types of Amputations (Leg removal, surgical removal of a limb, tail amputation, toe amputation).

Unusual Procedures: Portosystemic Shunt Ligation, Persistent Right Aortic Arch repair, Persistent Ductus Arteriosis ligation, Lung Lobectomy , Diaphragmatic hernia repair.