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Eye Surgery

Dog And Cat Eye Surgery At Glendale Animal Hospital

It's always upsetting whenever any member of your family suffers from a serious eye problem, even if that member is a four-legged animal. Pets can suffer from a variety of eye problems, some of which may be severe or dangerous enough to merit surgical intervention. At times like these, it's comforting to know that your pet has access to high-quality surgical care at our vet hospital. Here at Glendale Animal Hospital, our Glendale, AZ, veterinary team can evaluate your pet's eye, recommend the proper surgical care, and then perform your dog’s or cat’s eye surgery under our high standards of excellence. 


Common Types of Cat and Dog Eye Surgery

The eye is a relatively sensitive and delicate organ in just about any creature. An infection, growth, vision disorder, or injury can drastically affect its ability to refract incoming light and relay visual images to the brain. A problem such as a cancerous tumor can be especially worrying because of its potential to metastasize, spreading the cancer throughout your pet's body and threatening not just its eyesight, but also his or her life. Other less frightening medical conditions can nevertheless lead to blindness or discomfort if they go untreated. Fortunately, modern veterinary medicine offers a number of treatment options, including cat or dog eye surgery. Examples of such surgical procedures include:

  • Entropion Surgery: Entropion is a condition in which a pet's eyelids roll or turn inward onto the eye, causing serious irritation and possible damage from the eyelashes. Surgery to modify the eyelid can relieve this condition, which is known to affect breeds such as Bassett Hounds and Akitas.
  • Cherry Eye Surgery: In cherry eye, the third eyelid gland in the eye pops out of position, possibly covering part of the cornea and resulting in dry eye or other irritation. Surgery to reposition this gland can resolve the problem.
  • Enucleation: Sometimes an eye is too diseased or damaged to be saved. In these cases, removing the eye and sealing the eyelids shut can restore a pet's comfort and wellness. 

Schedule Your Pet’s Eye Surgery Evaluation

Our Glendale veterinarians at Glendale Animal Hospital offers evaluations to see whether pet eye surgery is necessary. If it is, rest assured that we can provide expert treatment, including detailed home care instructions so you can help your pet recuperate and go back to his or her normal enjoyment of life. Call (623) 934-7243 today.  (please be advised we are not certified eye specilaists)