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General Pricing

Glendale Animal Hospital

Basic Pricing

We are happy to provide our basic prices here. We are also able to give a competitive quote on a procedure for which you may have had a quote elsewhere.

For pets needing vaccinations our Preventative Care Exam Fee is $53; distemper-parvo combo and bordatella vaccines for dogs and distemper-respiratory and leukemia vaccines for cats are $21.50 each.  Rabies vaccine is $29.50. (Specialty vaccines (lepto, influenza, rattlesnake) may be a bit higher) This price would be charged at each visit and for each booster. Please note we generally will not be able to provide Preventative Care when pets have Medical Problems.  Walk-in and/or Emergency visits are slightly more.

For medical, dental or surgical cases, examination and consultation will be $53.

Vaccines available include Distemper-Parvo-Hepatitis-Respiratory combo, rabies, bordatella, leptospirosis and influenza for dogs, Distemper-Respiratory combo, rabies and feline leukemia for cats.  We also have the new rattlesnake vaccine for dogs.

For other general prices please call us at (623) 934-7243. If you would like a second opinion price and have a written estimate from another veterinarian, please call us. We will have you fax us the quote and within 4 hours we will have a competitive quote for you. (assuming we are able to perform the procedure)