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Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care at Our Animal Hospital

Here at the Glendale Animal Hospital in Glendale, we offer pet dental services. This is something you won't find at many vets in the area, but we pride ourselves on offering a full complement of services to our patients. We routinely perform pet dental exams to check on the health of your pet's teeth. If your pet's teeth need cleaning, we can take care of that without putting excess strain on your pet. Read on to learn more about our pet dental care services. 


Pet Dental Exam

We have a great deal of experience with performing pet dental exams. In fact, it is an important component of our check-ups for both cats and dogs. Of course, we can also perform a dental exam on your pet at your request, even if your pet is not due for an annual dental checkup. When we perform a dental exam, we will closely inspect your pet's teeth for any evidence of decay or any plaque build-up. If your pet has serious dental problems, we will provide you and your pet with all treatment options available. Otherwise, we will perform a routine cleaning.

Pet Dental Cleaning

Nearly every cat or dog that comes into our practice has plaque accumulated to some extent on their teeth. There are toothbrushes that you can get for your pet, but we understand that it can be a real pain to clean your pet's teeth yourself. This is why we're more than happy to take care of this task for you. We have the experience and training to effectively clean your pet's teeth with a minimum amount of fuss and little or no pain to your pet.

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Glendale Animal Hospital in Glendale offers pet dental services and much more. In fact, we offer a full selection of veterinary services at affordable prices for our furry patients. Our veterinary staff is highly trained and very experienced, so you can rest assured that your pet is in the best of hands when we're taking care of them. If you have any questions or need any more info about our services, you can call us during our business hours or through our website. We can also help you make an appointment at a time that works for you. Contact us today for an appointment. Our number is (623) 934-7243.