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Entropion Surgery

Thanks to Misty Vasquez for sharing her pics of Bowser!

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Many vets shy away from eye surgeries and will send you to a specialist.  We have years of experience and the surgical suite to handle most of these more-routine eye surgeries.  The pictures above don't lie.  Call us today: (623) 934-7243 

Inversion of eyelid, Turning inward of eyelid, Eyelid rolls inward, in rolled eyelid, Lateral entropion, Medial canthal entropion, Developmental entropion, Acquired Entropion, Entropion surgery.  If you are looking for a great vet, veterinarian, pet vet or animal doctor in Glendale Arizona, Peoria AZ, Surprise, Avondale, Goodyear, Buckeye, Sun City West, Phoenix or anywhere else in the greater metro area of Maricopa county, we are the place. We treat dogs and cats and have over 45 years combined experience.  We are the pet vet for you! We do medicine, surgery and dentistry for dogs and cats every day! We are an Animal Hospital or Pet Clinic.  We do entropion surgery for dogs!