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Pet Chiropractic

(PLEASE NOTE: Dr Day only provides this service to existing clients)

Chiropractic is a well-established health care system that has been practiced for over a century.  As more and more people discover this drug-free method of healing and disease prevention, more pet owners are requesting this form of healing to be practiced upon their pets.  In truth, chiropractic has been practiced on animals for decades, but only recently have formal training courses and an association been established to promote this art on animal patients.  Nevertheless, many physicians and veterinarians still reject chiropractic as a valid form of treatment.  Those who have had first hand experience with the benefits of manipulation are those best able to testify as to the wonderful benefits Chiropractic offers.

There are over 100 joints in the dog or cat spine.  When any one of these joints fails to move properly the motion of the animal is adversely affected and symptoms of pain or illness can be manifest.  Chiropractic deals with the removal of "subluxations" from the spine and other joints in the body.  A subluxation as defined herein is a joint in which alignment, movement and/or physiologic function has been altered, although the joint will still have relatively normal integrity.  "Fixation" is another term commonly used.  A fixated joint is one that is immobilized in any position.  Chiropractic seeks to remove these subluxations or fixations through specific, controlled manipulation of the spine or other joints.

There are many differing techniques used to adjust the spine, both in humans and in animals.  The technique used is not as important as the results received.  It seems that most techniques in their own way are effective in accomplishing the basic goal of removing subluxations.  Once subluxations or fixations are removed, motion, flexibility, function and health are restored!

Dr. Day has been trained in Diversified, Gonstead, Activator and Arthrostimulation techniques and has been practicing manipulation on dogs and cats since 1995.  He has treated thousands of pets with these methods.  He has Certification by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and is a member thereof.  He also continues taking other training courses in chiropractic and works with human chiropractors to develop new techniques for pets.  Dr. Day has used manipulation to treat all degrees of back and neck pain, "disc disease", loss of function problems, lameness, hindleg weakness and paralysis, incontinence, unexplained pain and various other problems.  Many cases not well treated by conventional therapies can be helped with chiropractic care.  Chiropractic can be used along with other methods of treatment and in some patients, manipulation has proven very effective where other modes of treatment have failed.  Manipulation is safe, drug free, side effect free and becoming the choice of more pet owners these days.

A pet being examined by the Animal Chiropractor first will receive a complete and special exam of the spine (and other joints if needed) after a complete history has been obtained.  Often sedation is administered and X-rays taken to determine the areas of greatest concern and to make sure other conditions are not overlooked!  It is always important to be sure other medical problems are not overlooked.  Manipulation is performed, usually weekly for 3-4 visits, then every 2 weeks, and then, if the desired results have been good, about every 2-4 months to prevent the problem from recurring.  Most dogs and cats require 4-7 treatments to obtain desired results.  Just as in people, medications can also be used to relieve pain and muscle spasm while healing is occurring and our cold laser therapy also can complement chiropractic care.  We look forward to helping your pet with these exciting techniques!