6 Pet Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Dog Giving Five

What tricks does your dog know how to do? Image via Flickr

There are many different pet tricks out there. Try to see if your pup can do any of these tricks on command!  While most people are aware of common commands such as sit, stay and roll over- there are some that you may not consider while training your pet.  Some of these are taught by the best dog trainers, and you may find it difficult to teach your pup to do these things.  But, it’s worth a shot!


1. Bare Teeth

This one is definitely fun!  Sometimes, dogs will show their teeth on command.  This one provides hours of fun and enjoyment among family and friends.  They will be amazed that your pup will do this, and they may even try to get their dogs to do it as well!

2. Cover Eyes

Sometimes, you can get your dog to cover their eyes on command.  They will likely put their head down close to the floor and use their front paws to cover up their eyes.  It definitely makes for cute pictures!  To get started with this one, you may have to act it out yourself and let them see what you are talking about.  Then, have them try it for themselves.

3. Walk

This one is fairly simple.  Teach your pup to walk on command by holding a treat up high enough that they have to stand on their back paws to reach it.  Then, slowly walk backward getting them to walk to the treat.  As they get better at it, you can simply stand from across the room and command them to walk to you.  They should follow through with no trouble.

4. Give You Five

This is a classic trick that most pet owners like to teach their pups.  You can start early with this one.  Simply ask them to give you five and at first you may have to give them a bit of a nudge to get them to understand what you are talking about.  It usually does not take them very long for them to catch on to this one and before long, they then can do it on command with no problem.

5. Balance a Treat or Toy on Their Nose

You can teach your pup to balance a treat carefully on their nose, then have them toss it up with a flip of their head and catch it in their mouth when it falls back down.  This one is a bit more difficult than the average trick, but it is definitely one that will have people in awe!

6. Riding a Skateboard

You didn’t know that some dogs could do this, did you?  Well, if you have a skateboard lying around the house then you may want to see if your dog can take to it.  Sometimes, it is easy for them to get the hang of it while other dogs may have some difficulty.  If they enjoy playing with it, then you may want to see if they can actually ride it.  It can definitely be fun for both of you!

Don’t get discouraged if you cannot get your pup to do these tricks.  Start out with the easiest commands, and then work your way up to more difficult ones!  The more they learn, the more they will be willing to learn.  Always reward them for a job well done when you are teaching them- but make sure that the treats that you give them are healthy for them!

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